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We are a Leading UK Hair Transplant Surgeon and Restoration Clinic in Harley Street, London. 

Expertise and excellence in our 4000 successful hair transplants completed since 2004 including many leading sports celebrities.

London Hair Restoration Clinic.

We are a prestigious, state of the art, modern FUE and FUT hair transplant restoration clinic in Harley Street London. Established since 2004 we pioneered and led modern hair transplant surgery, transforming thousands of patients lives and restoring self confidence.

Our bespoke, natural looking results and artistry are available with our many hair restoration options including hair transplants, PRP stem cell therapy and hair loss medication tablets . We have the expertise to use body hair to restore thinning hair during transplantation  .

A hair transplant is a long term investment. It is therefore important to receive care from a highly experienced and caring surgeon.

We have the Best UK FUE Surgeons who are leaders in FUE, FUT Surgery and PRP Therapy.

Hair transplants that will transform looks, aspirations and confidence.

Visit one of the best Harley Street Clinics in the heart of London!

Book an expert no obligation consultation directly with us.

     Whatever your individual stage of hair loss we can help to restore your hair so that you can regain your confidence.

    Investing in achieving natural-looking results and density.

    Chris before and after FUE hair transplant surgery
    Before and after 2000 grafts hairline FUE hair transplant surgery
    Before and after 2000 grafts FUE hair transplant surgery
    Before and after 2200 grafts FUE hair transplant surgery
    Before and after 2000 grafts FUE crown hair transplant surgery
    Video Diary – FUE surgery to restore the hairline, improve confidence and looks.
    BBC documentary explaining how hair loss can affect confidence and looks.


    Modern, Luxurious Clinic in Harley Street, London

    Quality Treatments for Restoring hair loss, regaining density and looks.

    We are one of the UK’s leading FUE hair transplant and hair restoration clinics. Our services include PRP therapy, hair loss medication tablets. If you are bothered about your hair loss we are here to help you. 

    Care centred around you

    A benchmark of excellence. Quality Hair Restoration Solutions in the comfort and luxury of our Harley Street clinic in London.

    Hair loss is something that can in most cases be tackled and restored. We offer a very personalised high quality service to restore your hair.

    You are unique and good patient care starts from the point of contact with a clinic with the expert advice of our surgeons who will offer their honest opinion. A hair transplant is a long term investment. Hair restoration can help transform your image, raise self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Join over 4000 patients

    A personalised service around your needs reflected.

    Our aim is to help inform patients who enquire about treatments to make the right treatment choice that will deliver the best results around their needs. At every step of your patient journey from consultation to surgery to post-operative care you will be in touch with your expert surgeon’s advice and team.

    Supporting you through your entire hair loss journey

    Post operative care throughout so you don’t need to worry.

    Every patient receives post operative packs, information leaflets and a 24 hour helpline. At every step it’s about patient support, advice and care.Happy patients who feel supported make everybody in the team feel a sense being rewarded as this is what we are all about.

    Caring and reassuring team so you feel confident and relaxed.

    Every journey starts with a expert consultation

    Great information from experts helping you make the right decision every step of the way…

    The consultations with our team have no sales pressure. Our aim is to educate and inform you in making the best decision that feels right.

    Our consultation process and booking hair restoration surgery/treatments in easy steps.

    We understand that you need support and time to process the information and to see if the price or cost for the hair restoration or transplant is affordable.

    • Book a relaxed and informal consultation with us.
    • The consultation ensures that there is an opportunity to assess your scalp and hair and give you an expert opinion.
    • You can discuss what kind of results are realistically possible, view similar patients in the gallery of results and ask any questions.
    • We offer honest and informative advice and pricing so you know what to expect during and after treatment. We will always try to give you the best possible price based on the numbers of grafts and the complexity of your surgery.
    • You can take away the information. Contact us if you wish to go ahead with a treatment or let us know if you want to book surgery.
    • Receive your surgery date and preoperative instructions.
    • A courtesy phone call to make sure you are ready
    • Attend the surgery and receive post operative instructions
    • We keep in touch so you feel reassured and confident throughout the journey.
    • Just a phone call away book an appointment with us if you have any concerns.

    Patient Satisfaction

    Everything regarding your unique needs is carried out in line with GMC guidelines and medical ethics.

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    What Patients Are Saying

    11 April 2019

    As the partner of a very nervous patient, I want to tell you that if you choose the team you will not be sorry. Shane had wanted this procedure for a while, but was nervous, he hates going to the doctors and even worse hospitals or anything like it.  It took lots of encouragement to get him to take the plunge, I knew 5 years down the line he would regret not having this done. The night before we stayed in London round the corner from Harley street, Shane was really nervous the night before, but as soon as we met they made him feel really relaxed, he answered every question we had, completely honestly and within 5 minutes had earnt both of our respect and trust, something that remained throughout the day. Shane was really looked after, and they made me feel included. While I could not be in the room with Shane for the first part of the procedure, I was kept informed of progress and got to have lunch with him before the second part of the process.

    If you are in doubt of to do this, and your doubt is related to the actual procedure, then let me tell you there is nothing at all to worry about with Malkani hair institute.

    Sally Mashiter

    11 April 2019

    Going into this procedure I was nervous as you would expect, however after talking to the team for the first 20 minutes and going over the procedure and how it would work, I can honestly say I felt really relaxed and I am not someone who likes to visit any doctor and hospitals fill me with dread. This was a totally different experience, I felt completely comfortable with the surgeon and both the nurses that assisted him with my procedure. They assured me that they would look after me like family, and that ‘today I was their priority’, saying this is easy, but honestly that is how I felt from start to finish. The whole procedure was weirdly one of the most relaxing days I have spent I even fell asleep during the first part of the procedure where hairs are removed from the donor site, the atmosphere is relaxed and the team are amazing at what they do. I can honestly say the only downside to the day was the my partner managed to get a picture of me wearing crocs, something I swore I would never do :).


    26 January 2019

    “The process is like no other and does take some time but I knew that in entering the procedure, the team are really thorough and excellent at what they do reassuring along the way taking his time to get it right. The support he has from his team is first class and the ladies went about the implants really methodically working simultaneously together to place each follicle. So for me because I lived so far away from London I did develop some real soreness around the head and believed I had an infection which is something that can happen, I spoke to the emergency hot line and sent pictures in, to which they that same day prescribed some low level antibiotics, the pharmacist sent them out via a carrier but unfortunately they took three days to get to me despite being urgent, my head was sore and the weekend was coming so I had to source them myself from my own GP surgery. So now its almost five weeks on, things are looking normal, hair has taken, and is starting to look good and I can now see what it will look like longer term. Would I have done this now knowing what was actually involved – yes I would it is really worth it.”

    Peter Saban

    Peter Saban

    26 October 2018

    “I had a beard transplant carried out on the 9th October 2018 in London. It was a very long process, which I knew it would! The team were just wonderful!!! They made sure throughout the whole process that I was happy and comfortable, and they worked at my pace not theirs!

    I do have to have several local anaesthetic injections in both the scalp (donor site) and the face. I didn’t experience any problem with this, but I do think I have quite a high pain threshold!
    It’s now 17 days since the transplant, and I’m perfectly happy with everything! All the scabs and crusting (sorry about this, if you’re a bit squeamish!!) There’s absolutely no pain whatsoever! The hairs are quite noticeable on my chin, under my lower lip, as there wasn’t any hair there at all. And over all the appearance looks pretty good at the moment!

    He couldn’t do enough to make me feel relaxed and happy! And he explained everything to before, during and after the procedure. And I would just like to mention his ‘team’, Farzana, Julie, Keira, Anni, and Marcin – what a great bunch of people! They made me hot drinks, supplied me with food, water, tv to watch and music to listen to!! I’m partially sighted, and they really took care of me!
    If you are considering a hair transplant, this is the man to use!!!

    Thanks so much, each and everyone of you!”



    07 October 2018

    “Superb job! I had my procedure two days ago performed by the team – they were very considerate and professional and I would recommend unreservedly . – fantastic job guys many many thanks !!!!!”


    05 October 2018

    “Had a really positive experience with them from start to finish. Very friendly and informative initial meeting; following a decision to progress I was given an advisor I could call at any time. I was daunted ahead of the procedure , but I shouldn’t have been. Dr M was brilliant, really knowledgable and calm and the day passed very quickly. After care was good, my contact supported me through questions that arrived. 6 months on I’m over the moon.the results are amazing , however after my 6 month review I was told I only had 42% growth (which is normal) so that is just out of this world! I’d be happy if it stopped growing now, but to have the same again to come is life changing. I’d definitely recommend.”


    30 September 2018

    “I am an aesthetician working in Harley Street and know lots of Hair transplant surgeons on Harley Street. I chose them because of recommendations from some of my own patients. I sent my uncle for a consultation. There was no pushy sales technique. He is now booked for September.”

    Kate Smith

    Kate Smith

    24 September 2018

    “I saw the team for a consultation a year ago.It felt very different talking to a doctor from a sales person who I had met in other clinics . They were factual, realistic and honest and told me what was possible and not possible in the consultation . I have had a fantastic result nine months later. I am really pleased I went for it. It’s been life changing!”

    Lee Willett

    Lee Willett

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