Am I suitable for a hair transplant ?


Am I suitable for a hair transplant ? The good news is that most men are suitable candidates for hair transplant surgery.

A good doctor will not commit to carrying out any procedure without a proper consultation.

During the consultation you will be assessed for suitability.

A good surgeon will never carry out surgery on each and every willing candidate.

Your Age in deciding suitability

Hair transplant surgery can be carried out for those who are under the age of 30 years. Dr Malkani has carried out surgery in patients in their twenties if it necessary.This has been the right decision and has been successful.

In this case the hair loss pattern is ongoing and not established but it is important to look at all options. This includes preventing further hair loss. Hair loss medication tablets are an option and stop hair falling out on suitable candidates. Surgery coupled with medication can be a treatment plan.

Carrying out a hair transplant early in life can restore confidence and prevent future hair loss.

Where a person is a little young and not ready for surgery there are options such as PRP to restore hair coupled with hair loss medication tablets.


Your hair density in the donor area.

We will want to look at the density your hair before deciding on what is the best treatment.

A hair transplant candidates will need to have dense hair. This will be the hair growing at the back and sides of their head in the donor area.

This area is where the follicles are taken from so it’s important that it’s dense and full of hair. If the surgeon is struggling he can go to the sides of the head to extract hair with limitation. There is a point on the sides up to which we can extract hair.

A laxity of skin something the surgeon will consider.If your skin is too lax or mobile then you are not suitable for FUE surgery. Technically it becomes more difficult to carry out surgery but it’s still possible. Find out more about FUT and FUE hair transplant surgery


Your health and fitness for surgery

Hair transplant surgery is minor surgery.Dr Malkani always takes a full medical history during your consultation in his hair transplant clinic in London. Any medical conditions and medication is considered.

There are certain conditions such as heart conditions or epilepsy that the surgeon will need to consider when deciding your suitability. If you have diabetes that is something your surgeon will also need to consider and monitor carefully during surgery.


Your hair type and colour

Wavy coarse hair is difficult to extract but once transplanted will give a successful dense result.

Grey hair is very difficult to transplant as it is difficult to see. At Malkani Hair Institute we have a state of the art lamp with blue light to identify grey hair during surgery. This helps the surgeon to see your grey hair. Colouring grey hair does not help as it is shaved anyway and taken from the root of the hair. If you want an idea of what kind of results to expect, have a look at some great before and after hair transplant pictures.


If you would like to know if you are suitable for hair transplant surgery in our london clinic then please come to see us at Malkani Hair Restoration Institute and we will advise on a hair transplants in our clinic Harley Street London. We will be happy to see and consult you offering you our expert advice. Contact us at Malkani Hair Restoration Institute  here.

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