Ask your hair transplant surgeon these 10 questions to find the best surgeon !

If you are considering hair transplant surgery, there’s probably a lot on your mind. You might be worried that you’ll miss or overlook something important. A priority will be to find the best possible hair transplant surgeon so that you get the best results of your surgery. Do not despair – you aren’t alone! Stepping blindly into the unknown is bound to fill your head with questions. That’s why we’ve prepared a quick list with the most important 10  questions to help you find the best surgeon. Read this article  for tips which will guide you to find the best !

This article will cover the following:
  • Who is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery?
  • What qualifications should your doctor have
  • Which information you need to know before you proceed with the surgery
  • Expectations of what your surgery
  • How long will it take to recover from the procedure?
  • Should you look at testimonials before you choose your hair transplant clinic?
  • Which surgery should you go for?  FUE or FUT?
  • How long before I see the results?
  • Will I need to repeat the hair transplant procedure?
  • What kind of prices do I expect ? How  much does a hair transplant cost?
Who is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery?

As soon as your consultation begins, your surgeon will ask you some questions. These will be important in that they will help him or her to  determine if you’re suitable for the operation. Hair transplant surgeons base their evaluation upon a variety of factors, like your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type and condition of your hair
  • The extent of your hair loss
  • Health conditions
  • Any treatment you are currently undergoing
  • If you have skin disorders

Expert hair transplant surgeons such as Dr Malkani will carry out a thorough examination of your hair and scalp and will use a specialist dermascope.

Even if you end up unsuitable for the procedure, there are still alternatives! In this case, your doctor will work with you and guide you through the process of slowing down or reversing your hair loss. To find out more about male and female hair loss solutions click here.

What qualifications should your doctor have

The success of a hair transplant surgery is largely dependent on the experience and abilities of your doctor. This is why it’s of utmost importance to pick the right surgeon for the job. If you’ve chosen to have your hair transplant in the UK, you should also make sure that you’re choosing a surgeon, whose registered with the General Medical Council (or GMC).

A good hair transplant surgeon like Dr Malkani will also have membership of professional bodies such as the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons and The International Society of Hair Restoration Society.

Asking for professional affiliations can’t hurt either.

The clinic should be CQC registered. This means they have the necessary checks in place regarding maintaining standards of patient care.

Any surgeon should have appropriate indemnity insurance.

What you need to know before you proceed

Based on which type of surgery you decide to go with, there might be some preparation to do beforehand. Your doctor might ask you to avoid using hair products or, in some cases, prescribe specific hair treatments or ointments that you need to apply for a certain period. Dr Malkani may prescribe hair loss tablets to prepare you for hair transplant surgery if necessary. A good surgeon will never rush you into surgery as there should be a cooling off period of  at least 7 days between your consultation and the surgery date. To find out more about male and female pattern hair loss treatments visit our page here.

What will your surgery be like?

This varies, based on how big of an area will be treated during your surgery. The average FUE hair transplant, for example, can take a whole day, rarely multiple sessions, split over a few days. This will be discussed during your initial consultation sessions, giving you ample time to make arrangements, take days off and shift your schedule around as needed. At this point, you can feel free to ask your doctor any additional questions that might trouble you – like how much pain you can expect, what medication you’ll need to take and so on. A good surgeon will always manage your pain using local anaesthetic to ensure you are kept as comfortable as possible.

How long will it take to recover from the procedure?

For FUE hair transplant surgeries, the average patient can be back to normal duties after a few days providing there is not heavy duty work which needs about two weeks of recovery. During this time, the transplants will scab over and fall out. You’ll be provided with a detailed list of do’s and don’ts, like physical exercise, hair products and optimal sleeping positions that will best facilitate the healing process. The first few days after surgery will require sleeping with a special pillow so you don’t disturb the hair transplant surgery and this will be provided by the surgeon.

Dr Malkani will provide you with a detailed list of written instructions to follow after your hair transplant. These will be so you know how to look after your hair when you go home. A good clinic such a Malkani Hair Restoration Institute will offer a post operative service. This means that you should be able to easily contact them if you are worried about anything and be able to see the surgeon. At Malkani Hair Restoration Institute we offer free post operative care for a full 18 months after surgery. This is to give patients that extra piece of mind.

Should you look at testimonials before you choose your hair transplant clinic?

As with any procedure, seeing before and after pictures can help you understand how other patients have found their hair transplant experience. If your clinic sports a healthy number of positive reviews, you can rest assured that your surgeon is the real deal. Dr Malkani has carried out thousands of successful surgeries. Therefore he will be able to show you a selection of patients who have been successful in changing their look with hair transplant surgery. He will also discuss and show various hairlines and make drawings with you so you know what to expect if you are considering having a hairline procedure.

Please ask to see patient testimonials of hair transplants  during your consultation.

Should I choose FUE or FUT?

There are two types of hair transplant operations – Follicular unit extraction (or FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (or FUT for short).

With FUE hair transplant , individual hair follicles are removed and transplanted to the problem area, while the FUT procedure uses an entire strip of hair instead.

FUE is the more modern, as therefore – more frequently chosen option. It brings about the benefits of little to no scarring and quick and easy recovery time, but you should still talk it out with your doctor before making your pick.

How long before I see the results?

The results of a hair transplant procedure, while rapid, are not instant. For some patients, it can even take months before the transplanted hair begins to grow anew. Keeping your expectations in check is vital, and your surgeon will provide you with all the necessary information and support.

Will I need to repeat the hair transplant procedure?

As you age, your hair will continue, and you might end up requiring further hair transplant procedures down the line. After the initial examination, your surgeon will be able to provide you with all the steps, necessary to slow down or prevent potential hair loss in the future.

A good surgeon will discuss preserving your precious donor area at the back of your head.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

The price can vary from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the procedure. As soon as the surgeon examines your hair, however, they’ll be able to provide you with a quote, and you can discuss the methods of payment.

If you have more hair transplant questions, or if you’d like to learn more about Malkani Hair Restoration Institute and how we operate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always there for you! To research more about how to find the best hair transplant clinic which is value for money read our guide here.

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