What should I know about Beard / Moustache Hair Transplant?


You are most probably considering a facial hair transplant for a number of reasons.  Maybe your beard is patchy or non existent. Beards are a very fashionable look at the moment and can offer you a look of sophistication and masculinity.A beard transplant is a very technically challenging procedure. This is because it is carried out where there are a lot of facial nerves. The direction of implementation is crucial to achieving a really natural look.You need to be really careful in making sure you have a very experienced surgeon who is successful in beard transplant surgery.


What techniques are used for facial hair transplants?

Here is some information given to you by our expert FUE surgeon Dr Malkani.

-That it can be done by FUE Technique.

What is FUE technique?

FUE technique is where the surgeon will extract individual hairs from the back of your head above the donor area. This is carried out under local anaesthetic.You shouldn’t feel any pain but this may be uncomfortable at times. The surgeon will make new incisions in your face. The extracted hair follicles will be inserted into the beard area.

Dr Malkani has always done all his Beard hair transplants by FUE technique and here is his expert advice. Please read more about FUE hair transplant procedure.


What do I need to know about a beard transplant?

  • It is a bit more time consuming than a scalp hair transplant.
  • This is technically more challenging than a transplanting head hair.
  • A beard transplant is more uncomfortable than a usual head hair transplant.
  • That the donor area is the same ( the back of the head) as for transplanting in the scalp.
  • Mostly single or two hair grafts are required for carrying out a facial hair transplant.
  • Slits for insertion of grafts are made at very acute angle (not more than 10 degrees.)
  • A beard transplant requires careful planning when inserting grafts.
  • Very few Hair Surgeons and Technicians in the UK are experienced enough to carry out this procedure.
  • You should therefore be careful in choosing your surgeon for this.
  • A good surgeon should be able to show you plenty of before and after photos of his beard transplant results.

After considering the above points it’s worth asking to  discuss the before and after pictures of patients who have had a successful beard transplant.

Have a look at some before and after images of hair transplant surgery in our gallery.

Its also important that your surgeon will make drawings on your face of the desired look. You can discuss the shape of the beard you are wanting to achieve, the number of grafts and the density.

Please do remember that a consultation is essential with the surgeon before embarking on such a complicated procedure.

The post operative care is really important when you are considering a beard transplant. A good clinic will provide post operative care and will sure you achieve the best results! Post operative care for a beard will involve washing the face with splashing water rather then touching it. Use a mild shampoo mixed with water and splash washing rather than rubbing. Read more our post operative care regime . Find out more about beard or facial hair transplant surgery

Good luck in choosing the right surgeon for a beard transplant! If you need advice contact us at our hair transplant clinic in London, Harley Street.


The Clinic Manager

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