Finding the best clinic for my hair transplant

Finding the best clinic for my hair transplant.

Finding the best clinic for my hair transplant? You do need to read the google reviews and marketing for indicators in finding a genuine clinic interested in your hair restoration. Finding the best hair transplant clinic important. Equally crucial is choosing a great surgeon. Your enquiry will usually start with your initial phone call leading to consultation. This will lead to surgery and then post operative care.


If you are reading this blog you are probably at the stage of deciding upon which clinic to book a consultation with. Alternatively you may be at the stage of narrowing down your hair transplant choices. You will be choosing the right place for your hair transplant.

It’s always a good idea to consider the following when embarking upon a decision.


Your initial enquiry

The initial telephone enquiry speaks volumes about the clinic. Did they spend time to find out about your enquiry and the nature of your hair loss? A good hair transplant clinic should have given you information about the surgeon.

At Malkani Hair Restoration Institute one of the biggest factors we get to hear from patients is this. Did they feel that we gave them time and cared for when they made their initial enquiry?


How long is the actual consultation and who is it with?


This speaks volumes about the approach of the clinic and surgeon. If you find that the consultation has been rushed in half an hour that is not a good sign.

Did you meet the surgeon is also important in deciding if you should go ahead.

What qualifications did the member of the “surgical team” carrying out the consultation say they had? In other words you need to look out for all these indicators. Many clinics are very deceptive saying their consultations are with a member of the medical team.

This can be easily checked as you can be bold and ask for the name of the person doing the consultation. You can check if they are a reputable doctor. All doctors licensed to work in the UK are on the GMC register. This can be found by going on their website.

A good hair transplant clinic will always arrange a face to face consultation with the surgeon. This should be detailed and informative. In other words it should be about  giving you the right information to make the correct decision. Therefore, effective consultations start with a detailed medical history form. This is what we do at Malkani Hair Restoration Institute in our Hair Transplant clinic in Harley Street. Soon after meeting the surgeon you will be  filling the form. Your surgeon should look carefully at this and ask you any relevant questions.

Examination of the scalp and hair

Most consultations that are carried out properly will involve a examination of your scalp and hair. Therefore a good surgeon can use this to help him to see your hair quality and quantity in depth and the scalp. You will see that before and after results of previous patients should be shared and discussed so you can see the skill of the surgeon. A reputable surgeon will have membership of these professional hair transplant bodies: The ISHRS The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons is very reputable and has a register of good hair transplant surgeons.

The price should also be discussed so that you can compare with other clinics. If you have visited many Hair Transplant Clinics in Harley Street then you can evaluate the services of each one.


The surgeon


If the surgeon is competent and skilled they will be able to make you feel relaxed and confident. Feeling relaxed is a really important thing as you are going to commit an awful lot of money and trust into the surgeon. The surgeon should be able to talk about their range of procedures and discuss with photos some successful challenging cases that have been successful.

A good surgeon should have worked in the hair transplant industry preferably in London with a good reputation for several years. Reputation is everything and beware of new hair transplant surgeons who have no track record of proven results. Find out more about us and our highly experienced surgeon here.


Post operative care


This is really important as the first 48 hours post surgery are crucial in determining the success of your surgery. A reputable surgeon will be able to provide post operative care and this should be free of charge. Post operative care means explaining your after care regime and routine after surgery has been carried out.

A great clinic will ask to see you post operatively to make sure you’re healing well and making good progress.

To conclude how do I choose the best hair transplant clinic depends on a multitude of factors. Read about good patient post operative instructions   and pre operative instructions looks like here.


Google reviews written about the clinic.

How can you use them to help you decide upon a good clinic for a hair transplant?


Google reviews written by you the patients and users of services are the best indicators of how a service is performing. However when reading google reviews you should look at how meaningful they are about the quality of service delivered. Real patients talk about the details of their procedure and how they felt regarding the surgeon.

Do the reviews mention the pre operative care information during the consultation, the surgery day, the patient dignity and care and the procedure itself? Genuine reviews should have a consistency in their content and also a individuality. It’s very difficult to match a genuine review with a fabricated one. This is because each person will write the review in their own authentic style. Therefore it is important to note if the content of the review shows a consistency to all other patient reviews.

All these are indicators of the quality of the clinic. We have come across patients who have told us that some clinics post reviews themselves. Sometimes they coerce patients to do so in return for a discounted treatment and a google review. If you read the actual reviews this is apparent as the quality of treatment is not being discussed in these reviews. Sometimes the reviews even mention the post is written by a named member of staff!


How do I make a decision about the best hair transplant clinic?

A hair transplant is a huge step and you want to be in the safest hands. Therefore feeling cared for after the clinic has got your money is really important. This is because it speaks volumes about the ethos of the clinic. A reputable clinic and surgeon will want to keep in touch and informed about the quality of your results.Ultimately choosing a suitable surgeon and clinic will depend upon considering all the factors above. It will be about listening to your gut feeling. Do not be swayed by heavy sales pressure it’s about who is the best that you can afford not the cheapest. It is important to consider a hair transplant clinic that is easily accessible because you might need  post operative care. Malkani Hair Restoration Institute Institute offerstop quality hair transplants in London and we are easily accessible by public transport.

Good luck with choosing your clinic and surgeon. Here at Dr Malkani’s clinic-Malkani Hair Restoration Institute we are always happy to advise. You can book a consultation and find about our latest  hair transplants in London , Harley Street.

We have written more about this subject. To research more about how to find the best hair transplant clinic which is value for money read our guide here.


Leaders in hair transplantation London and the UK.


Thank you for reading this blog!  Look forward to your feedback.



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