How do I style and cut my hair after a hair transplant?


You have just taken the brave decision. You may have had either an FUE or FUT procedure in a hair transplant clinic. A trip to the barbers or hairdressers may have previously filled you with dread before but you now feel so excited. You avoided the problem of hair loss and finding a hair style to cover the hair loss was a major project. How do I style and cut my hair after a hair transplant?

The barber will notice your hair transplant and being prepared for the conversation as he is cutting your hair is important .

Many questions are going through your head what hairstyle is right for me?


Many patients who have undergone a hair transplant and are now enjoying a much fuller denser hair. This results in much higher level of confidence. However you are not there yet and you are still in the early stages post hair transplant.One of the priorities is visiting the barbers or hairdressers to fresh hairstyle. So many hairstyle options are there to look forward to.

Immediately after surgery

However, before you go to the barbers to get your first hair cut after surgery here’s a few things to think about.

The first month after a hair transplant has meant pain staking care. You have worried about every little knock on your grafted area. The grafts have stayed in mostly which is such a relief as every hair counts!You have given your scalp and hair a lot of care and attention. In first week, you should uses a shampoo recommend by Dr Malkani on the treated areas while the scabs healed. Your hair washing and sleeping technique has been all about protecting your donor area. Find out about post operative care after a hair transplant.

You have been gentle when you wash your hair using a sponge. You are ensuring you are not being overly vigorous with shampooing and are avoiding towel drying your hair to protect your precious hair transplant. It is now three weeks after surgery and you can consider a hair cut. Your scalp and hair has been checked as healed by your surgeon.

What type of hairstyle can I choose?

The straight answer to this question is: you can choose any style you want.

If your scalp has healed, the hair transplants cannot be removed at this stage.

We often find patients actually loved the shaved look from the day of surgery. The decide to keep shaving their hair very short when they go for their first hair cut. This is because difference in length between their natural and donor hair is the same. A lot of patients have been used to shaving their hair and continue to do so. However it’s important to remember why you had a hair transplant in the first place. After the initial shaved phase it is best to start growing your hair so that you can actually see the results of all that hard work and time. As your hair grows longer it gives the effect of more density and coverage of the scalp. If you are growing your hair long it will cover any areas which you did not have transplanted. Longer hair looks natural and moves in the wind.


As your hair grows you can start to consider which hairstyle you would like. Don’t forget the transplanted hair takes a whole year to grow so you have plenty of time to consider hairstyles. If you want to speed up the hair transplant to grow then it’s advisable to have a high protein diet. Hair needs protein to grow.

How do I style my hair?

You may have used Topik which is hair fibres or gels to fill up and disguise your hair loss. Chemicals are not good for hair. It’s best to keep gels at a minimum. You should avoid hot hair dryers and any straightener are a no no.

However, its recommended to avoid all styling products for at least six weeks.

Hair straighteners and powerful hair dryers can damage new follicles . You need to keep your hair and scalp protected from heat. Furthermore, chemicals in styling products can cause a allergic reaction on your scalp and disturb your grafts.

If you colour your hair you should wait at least six weeks before putting any hair dye on. Always use a low peroxide hair dye and keep it on for a minimal time. Nowadays you can use spray on temporary hair colour to cover up grey hairs. These do not damage the hair or scalp. You can read more about natural hair styling tips here.

For more advice on hair transplants and aftercare, Malkani Hair Institute is here to advise in our hair transplant clinic Harley Street London

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