Surgical or non surgical solutions which are best for restoring my hair?

Surgical or non surgical solutions which are best for restoring my hair?


If you are reading this blog you are probably suffering from her loss. Surgical or non surgical solutions which are best for restoring my hair? There is a lot of information out there on surgical solutions to the hair loss and non-surgical solutions.There are many options available. Choosing the right option for you depends on many things as to finding out why you are suffering from hair loss in the first place.


Do you have any hormonal issues which may be causing your hair loss?

Before you decide upon visiting a hair restoration doctor it’s probably best to pay a visit to your GP to find out why you might be suffering from hair loss.

He or she can discuss your hair loss and possibly refer you to the right specialist. Firstly you will need to get your bloods checked for imbalances or deficiencies. Hormones and deficiencies in iron or vitamin B can cause hair loss.

Once the results of your blood test have arrived at your GP you can find out what might be causing the problem. You can discuss with your GP to see if there are any hormonal imbalances which may be contributing to or causing your hair loss. Hormones can play havoc with hair loss. For example if you have too much testosterone this can contribute to her loss if you are a woman. Additionally hormonal imbalances can be due to polycystic ovaries which can also cause hair loss. It is a well-known fact that testosterone which is a male hormone when converted into dihydrotestosterone in males can cause male pattern hair loss. This is also determined by an individual’s own genetic programming.

There are solutions to hormonal imbalance is in men and women.

Hormonal imbalances in women


For women a visit to an endocrinologist through your GP is the best option. For men there are options such as hair loss medication tablets. These are not without possible complications or side-effects. Any medication which interferes with your hormones must be administered by a doctor who can explain all this to you.

Hair loss medication tablets

When considering any medication it is important to weigh up the risks vs the benefits. There are many patients who take hair loss medication tablets without any side effects but there are a small percentage who do not find these effective or suffer from a few side effects.The good news is that the side effects are temporary and stop when discontinuing the tablets.These are very effective in restoring hair in men particularly in the crown area. They are not suitable for women.

Many people are now visiting online shops and pharmacies to purchase medication. This can be risky because an online consultation form is never as adequate or thorough as a face-to-face medical consultation. When considering these types of medications commonly known as DHD blockers it is important to get professional advice. If you a female reading this article you should not take any hair loss medication tablets without consulting a a endocrinologist. Find out more about hair loss medication tablets


Shampoos and tonics.

Many people both men and women suffering from hair loss believe that shampoos and tonics can improve hair loss. This is simply not true. No shampoo can reduce your hair loss as the hair loss comes from within. Her loss is caused by the hair being attacked by hormones from within your own body. There are however lotions such as Minoxidil or Regaine which can reduce her loss. These are temporary and do work on most people. Minoxidil can cause facial hair when used by women.

The research shows that many patients find that after about two years Minoxidil stops working or is not as effective.


Laser combs


There is no research that proves that laser comes work. Many people are tempted to restore their hair by buying what seems like a cheap solution. We have have met many patients along their hair restoration surgery who have tried these unsuccessfully.


Surgical Options

If you have tried all these options and have been unsuccessful you may be suitable for surgery.

Surgery is only suitable for those people who have suffered significant hair loss. It does work when done correctly by a qualified surgeon and will restore hair in hair loss areas.

Surgery can be life transforming and will produce results if carried out properly.

It is important to be mindful that surgery is invasive and cannot create new hair and simply put will just move hair from one part of the head known as the donor area to another part of the head where you have hair loss known as the recipient area. Therefore the surgery does not create new hair so you do need to be very careful when considering this option. Ultimately it is about preserving your current hair loss and minimising the process of hair loss. As we know this comes from within and some people are genetically programmed to lose hair. You can read more about surgical solutions to restoring hair.



There are new developments in restoring hair. The latest development is called platelet rich plasma.This is commonly known as PRP and is suitable for men and women.Platelet rich plasma is completely natural and does not involve any external hormones. It uses your own blood and the growth factors contained within it. This is taken in a small amount from your arm and placed in a centrifuge to separate the growth factors.It does involve using painless invisible needles which take the growth factors from your own blood and put these back into the hair loss areas. This restores hair as it enriches the blood supply to the stem cells of dying hair. PRP does require more than one treatment. Most people need a course of six treatments spread out over 18 months.

Which is the best PRP kit?

There are are PRP kits of varying quality.Before embarking upon PRP you do need to check the PRP system that the clinic is using. There is no point in trying to go for a cheaper option which is ineffective as it does not contain any pure PRP. The global leader in PRP for hair and face Cellenis . This is owned by the American company called Eclipse.

Cellenis has 5% PRP which is pure PRP compared to other systems which have 1% to 2% PRP. At Malkani Hair Restoration Institute we have seen some great results with this system. Find out more about PRP.for hair loss .Watch a video of this treatment being carried out so that you know exactly what to expect.


The best solution surgical or non surgical to restore my hair?

To conclude any solutions need to tackle the cause of the problem not just mending the end result which is hair loss.

Consider all options, carry out your research and visit a GP and reputable hair restoration surgeon before embarking upon any treatment or procedure.

We offer consultations directly with our expert FUE surgeon Dr Malkani who can advise on all issues related to hair loss. We are here in our hair transplant clinic in Harley Street to advise and help patients to make the right decisions. To find out more about male and female hair loss solutions visit our page here. Find out more about all our hair loss treatments.

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