Going back to work quickly after a hair transplant FUT or FUE ?


Going back to work quickly after a hair transplant FUT or FUE? You are probably thinking about having a hair transplant but you are worried about taking taking time off work. There will be lots of factors to consider such as taking time off work and returning back to work as quickly as possible. Which hair transplant should you choose should it be FUT or FUE ?

The answer is there that are two options depending on the type of work you do.

For many people who are considering this, it depends on the amount of time needed to recover. For many it’s also about the fact that you may have to work with a shaved head for a good number of weeks.

You will be thinking will it hurt and– how long will it take me to recover?

The answers are clear. If you’re thinking of a hair transplant which is FUE then the recovery time is short and fast.

Recovering from a hair transplant

Recovering from a hair transplant will also depend on the size of the hair transplant you are having.

Physical recovery is a simple process, involving looking after your donor and recipient area. Consequently most people achieve full recovery within a matter of days.

If you are comfortable to go back to work with a shaved head you can go back to work after about ten days. This is only if you do not do heavy manual work when you should take a full two weeks off work. Therefore if you’re a person trainer or sports person it is recommended to take two weeks of rest. This applies to everyone who wishes to resume normal gym and sports activities. You can find out more about post operative care.  There are two types of transplant procedure FUE and FUT.

FUT can have much more downtime requirements.

FUE Hair Transplant

This procedure is the one of choice and is as a result extremely popular with excellent results.

As a result, a good surgeon who is experienced can do this as a one-day procedure. It is carried out under local anaesthetic. The next day after surgery you will be able to potter around the house. You may at this point remove your bandage and notice a very a quick recovery and healing. Two days after surgery you will be walking around the house and able to relax without any pain relief.

Therefore most people book a whole two weeks off work but feel able to return to work after a week to ten days. A lot of people wait until the scabs fall off the transplanted area until they return to work. This can take ten to fourteen days. Spraying with saline will improve the healing process and therefore the scabs will fall off quicker.

We see most patients post-surgically anytime from one week to three weeks after surgery. This ensures everything is healing correctly in the donor and transplanted areas. Find out more about FUE hair transplant.

FUT Transplant

This method takes one day and it causes scarring. Most people who opt for this method do  so as they want to keep their hair long or unshaven.

A strip of skin is taken from the back of the head and grafts are harvested from there. Next they are implanted into the balding areas. As a result, FUT surgery will result in a scar that is permanent.

In both FUT and FUE surgery the recovery time and the time taken to get back to normal are different . You will notice that by the end of the the first week the scar will still hurt when lying down. This sensitivity can last several months. Consequently, FUT method has a much longer recovery period.

Importantly, the area at the back of the head will need to be checked post surgery by the surgeon. This is because invasive surgery has occurred.

It is worth noting a good experienced surgeon will be able to make the scar as minimally visible as possible due to their experience in stitching the strip of skin. You can find out more about FUT hair transplant.

Your newly transplanted hair

New hair will grow after a transplant at the same speed and with the same density as existing hair. Many people are worried that the transplanted hair will grow more slowly. This is a myth and hair cycles don’t change because of a hair transplant. After shedding the transplanted hair you will start to see new growth.

If you see tiny pimples or spots you know your new hair is growing at this stage! Do expect that it will take six months for hair to grow and show a noticeable difference. After one year you will see the full results of your surgery. You can read more about what to expect after a hair transplant here.

If you’re looking for a transplant that will work best for your work requirements why not contact us at Malkani Hair Restoration Institute to find out  your best option  in our hair transplant clinic London. We we can help you be informed and make the best decision in our Hair Clinic Harley Street.


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